catalogo 2007

The product catalogue is available for download

In the catalogue you will find all the different models of: Mr.Wax, the lamp that changes style in time; Elica, the lamp that you have to blow to turn on and off; Pupa, the first caress lamp.

Download the catalogue:

or view it online: catalogo-online


website and communications strategy for Museimpresa, the Italian association of Company Archives and Museums. It’s associates include 40 of the worldwide famous leaders in the Made in Italy scene: Ferrari, Alessi, Kartell, Ferragamo, Ducati, Fiat, Bracco, Dalmine, Barilla, Intesa San Paolo, Zegna, Borsalino and many more.

By designing their new website and communication strategy we invited the client to appropriate themselves with the incredible cultural values of their associates; this means that Museimpresa IS Made In Italy, IS Innovation, IS Culture, IS Industrial Culture, Museimpresa IS creativity


Mr.Wax, the lamp that changes style in time, can be seen at its minisite. For orders please contact Progetto25zero1. Mr.Wax is available in a large gamut of decorations.


Pupa lamp, the sensual lamp that turns on and off only by caressing its fur, can be seen at its minisite. For orders please contact Progetto25zero1. We remind you that Pupa is available in a large garmut..



ElicaLamp has now its minisite online. To pre-order ElicaLamp, go to and fill in the pre-order form.
Soon you will be contacted

Scott Joplin Pub

Scott Joplin Pub in Milan. Progetto25zero1 made the whole corporate image: logo, menù, flyers, advertising, web-site and the whole communication.

In via Val di Ledro 11 in Milan, special high quality beers.

Video Agmin

Interactive, narrative presentation of the firm. Richly graphical, this projects investigates the new possibilities of integration between flash8 and video.
Besides the advanced composited effects, note the possiblility of switching in real time subtitles (also in vietnamese!).


Blokes is a FoodDesign project/recipe: it is made of 5 stainless stell cutting moulds shaped like the blocks of the famous videogame Tetris, that allows you to create a cubical fruit salad. Fruit is the main actor of this "recipe/project": with Blokes you will be able to serve unconventional, pointy and squared out fruit salads .